Odense Robotics WiredWorkers

WiredWorkers @ Odense Robotics

Last week we visited Odense (Denmark) for the robotic cluster Odense Robotics. This is a collective term consisting of robot...
De Groeiversneller Oost NL WiredWorkers

De Groeiversneller helpt WiredWorkers!

Een tijdje geleden heeft WiredWorkers hulp gekregen van Oost NL om de groei van onze start-up een zetje in de...

WiredWorkers @ Hannover Messe

WiredWorkers has been selected for the Dutch startup participation in the Hanover Messe. It is a collective participation of more...

WiredWorkers @ Pick-it 3D

We visited Pick-it 3D and here you can read their experience: Last week we here at Pick-it had the opportunity...

Interview with Link Magazine (German edition)

Robbin Mennings was interviewed by Link Magazine about collaborative robots. The interview can be found here.

WiredWorkers @ CEEMET

Last Thursday we were invited by Ceemet, the European tech & industry employers association, to give a demo with FRANKA...