Cobot training

WiredWorkers offers cobot training to business owners and their employees to introduce them to the possibilities of collaborative robots or to help them work safely with robots after an impelementation process.


Training topics

  • Basics

    • The hardware of the cobot
    • Starting and restarting
    • Basic functions of programming
    • Rectifying simple software malfunctions
  • Programming

    • Programming complete workflows
    • Integrating tooling into the program
    • Troubleshooting complex error messages
    • Assess and evaluate safety standards
  • Specific subjects

    • Work with protocols (ethernet/modbus)
    • Work with 2D and 3D vision systems
    • Making a complete risk analysis

Collaborative robot training

WiredWorkers offers cobot training in-house and on location. During a training we will discuss what a cobot is, what the difference is with traditional robots, what tasks a cobot can perform and how programming works. Perfect for companies that are about to start with automation or want to know more about this new technique in robotics.

Besides companies that are still in the exploratory stage, we also guide companies that have already installed a cobot system. To make the best use of collaborative robots, it is important that employees accept the technology and know what they can do with a cobot. WiredWorkers therefore offers training after each implementation process so that the implementation and collaboration with the robot will be successful.