Cobot rent

WiredWorkers makes it possible for companies to rent a cobot. Ideal for those in the testing phase and want to try out the cobot first or for companies who are not yet ready to purchase.

Rental conditions

  • Payment per month in advance

    To rent a cobot, you pay a fixed amount each month.

  • Minimum rental period

    The minimum rental period is a continuous period of three months.

  • Notice period

    The minimum notice period is three months.

  • Deposit

    The deposit is 3 months rent

Rent a collaborative robot

WiredWorkers makes it possible to rent a collaborative robot for a fixed amount per month. This is an ideal solution for companies that want to test whether a cobot is a good solution for the production process, before proceeding to the purchase of such a system.

In addition, it offers a solution to companies that have to deal with peak loads in production. Because a cobot is easy and relatively quick to program, companies can temporarily deploy cobots when production demands it.

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