Feasibility study

WiredWorkers will help you analyze the production process and together we will look at the possibilities to determine if automating is a good way to optimize production.


What is included?

During a feasibility study, we follow the following steps.


During our introduction we discuss the options. What needs to be automated? What should it produce? Where are the bottlenecks?

Production analysis

We analyze the production environment in which the automation system must do its work.

Product analysis

We receive a sample of the product that needs to be processed.

Tool selection

We select, engineer, develop and manufacture the right set of tools for the automation application.

Test phase

We test the application with the provided products and chosen tools.

Presentation of the results

We present the outcome of the feasibility study.

Is automation feasible?

Before you decide to invest in a complete automation system, you want to be sure that your wishes can actually be realized. To this end, WiredWorkers offers the option of a feasibility study. During this study we examine whether the desired application can be realized with your specific product. If the application is feasible, the step to complete implementation is much smaller. The actual integration of an automation system following a feasibility study can therefore be accelerated.

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