WiredWorkers' Services

WiredWorkers helps manufacturing companies with automation, training and consulting around collaborative robots.

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    Mechanical Engineering

    WiredWorkers helps you optimise your production process by engineering and realising customised automation solutions.

    machine manufacturer wiredworkers

    Plug & Produce Solutions

    Some applications are more easy to automate. Therefore, we offer some standardized Plug & Produce solutions.

    automatic palletizer

    Logistical automation

    We can help with logistical automation by implementing Automated Guided Vehicles and Autonomous Mobile Robots.

    Kumatech AGVs


    WiredWorkers offers cobot training to business owners and their employees to introduce them to the capabilities of collaborative robots or to help them work safely with robots after an implementation process.

    cobot training

    Feasibility study

    WiredWorkers helps you analyse the production process and together we look at the possibilities to determine whether automation is a good way to optimise production.

    sanding with a cobot

    Cobot rent

    WiredWorkers makes it possible for companies to rent a cobot. Ideal for those who are in the test phase and want to try out the cobot first or for companies that are not yet ready to buy.