Plug & Produce Solutions

Some applications are more easy to automate. Therefore, we offer some standardized Plug & Produce solutions.


What do you want to automate?

We have developed a number of cobot applications into standardized Plug & Produce solutions. With minimal modifications to your production environment, these applications are up and running at lightning speed.

Automatic Welding Cobot

Welding is a task that must be performed with the utmost precision. Cobots are more precise than humans and therefore will provide more consistent quality. With our Plug&Produce Automatic Welding Cobot, a welding task is automated in no time.

Render lascobot

Automatic Machine Tending

The Automatic Machine Tending relieves machine operators of physically demanding, repetitive work and eliminates the risk of injury. A collaborative robot can be used to operate machines such as CNC, injection molding, press brake and punching machines, allowing workers to perform more valuable tasks.


Automatic Palletizer

Because there is an increasing demand for more efficient palletizing robot applications, the Automatic Palletizer was designed. It is built to stack boxes and products on two palletizing stations. Users can use our smart software to design their own palletizing project within a minute.


Automatic Box Erector

The Automatic Box Erector is the compact solution for automatic box set-up. The cobot sets up the boxes and slides them over a taping module to the final platform, where they can then be taken away and filled. Ideal as part of the automation for a packaging line.