What are cobots?

Cobots are collaborative robots. Robots that can work together with people. Cobots are an affordable solution to automate production processes and to help employees.

When do I choose a cobot?

You can choose a cobot for various reasons. For example to spare your employees from repetitive or dangerous tasks, to speed up or optimize your production proces or to distinguish yourself from your competitors.

What is the best cobot?

The best cobot depends on the process you want to automate with it. Each cobot has its own specialties, from built-in vision to high sensitivity. By studying the process and analysing the bottlenecks, you can determine which cobot is most suitable.

What does a cobot cost?

A cobot costs a minimum of €11,900 and a maximum of €39,950. The total cost depends on the complexity. On average, a fully integrated and operational collaborative robot costs one year's salary of a production worker. 

Where are cobots deployed?

Cobots are used in production companies to take over boring, monotonous or repetitive work from people, or to support people with these tasks.

How big is the cobot?

The Franka Emika Panda has a range of 855 millimeters from the foot measured. The maximum height that the cobot can reach by stretching vertically is 1190 millimetres from the foot.

What is the payload of the cobot?

The payload of a cobot differs per type of cobot. The Franka Emika Panda used by us has a load capacity of three kilograms excluding the gripper.

What is the reach of a cobot?

The range of a cobot differs. The smallest cobot has a reach of 500 mm, the largest cobot has a reach of 1100 mm.

How fast is a cobot?

The speed of a cobot is a maximum of 250 mm per second.

Can the cobot do quality tests?

Yes! The cobot is perfect for testing. Testing activities like PCB Testing, Chip Testing and Touchscreen Device Testing.

What is the lifespan of a cobot?

Cobots have a lifespan of at least 20,000 hours. If the cobot performs a task or application for 40 hours a week, this is at least 10 years.

How many cobots do I need?

Besides the fact that cobots can work well together with and next to people, they are also suitable to work together with another cobot. In order to automate your process optimally, we look at the possibilities together with you and listen to your wishes. 

What about service maintenance?

The cobots are maintenance free, yet it is advisable to pay attention to your new employee for time to time. For example, a software update should be carried out or you can check whether the positioning and calibration are still optimal. 

Can you save robot applications?

Programming the Panda is very simple. With a smartphone, laptop or PC, robot programs can easily be created and stored. It is also possible to manually do the movements the Panda has to make. In combination with the Pilot on the robot, the steps are stored in the software.

How fast can I program a cobot?

This depends on the tasks that a cobot has to perform and the applications that a robot needs. But in short, we aim to have cobots operational at the customer's premises within an hour and a half. This also makes it possible to operate as a cobot temping agency and to deploy cobots as temps.

Is there a minimum rental time for the cobot?

Yes, the minimum rental time is a month.

What gripper do I need for what?

Buying the right gripper or end effector is very important. We have a wide range of grippers, this way you can let the cobot perform infinite tasks. Together with you we look at the task or application you want to automate. We advise you in making a gripper choice.