Different cobot brands

Collaborative robots are becoming increasingly important and the demand for automation is growing. It is therefore not surprising that the number of types of cobots has increased significantly in recent years. In total, there are now about 30 different cobot manufacturers that focus on the production and development of cobots. Of these, Universal Robots is the largest with almost half the market share.

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    Techman Robot

    Cobots each have their own unique features and specifications. Anyone who wants to start a cobot automation project will need to look closely at the requirements for successful integration. Range, load capacity, accuracy, speed and the number of axes are important specifications to look at beforehand. WiredWorkers works primarily with three different brands of cobots; Universal Robots, Techman Robot and Franka Emika. Take a look below at the different cobot brands and their unique features.

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    Techman Robot

    Techman Robot's cobots are the first to have an integrated vision system. A camera is integrated at the end of the robot arm and the associated programming interface features smart recognition programs. Several useful tasks such as pattern recognition, object localization, barcode scanning and color recognition can be set up in a relatively simple manner. The software is intuitively designed and can also be used by someone without programming knowledge. Techman has four different cobots on the market; the TM5-700, TM5-900, TM12 and TM14. Payloads range from 4 kg to 14 kg and the reach varies from 700 millimeters to 1300 millimeters.

    Universal Robots

    Universal robots is the world's largest cobot manufacturer, with almost half the market share. They released two different series with a total of 7 different cobots. The CB3 series with the UR3, UR5 and UR10. And the E-series with the UR3e, UR5e, UR10e and UR16e. The cobots offer four different payloads; 3, 5, 12.5 and 16 kilograms. This allows the robots to perform a wide variety of applications. All robots have 6 degrees of freedom, are extremely flexible and can be easily integrated into existing production environments. The reach ranges from 500 to 1300 millimeters.

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    FANUC's cobot series, comprising the CRX-10iA, CRX-10iA/L, CRX-20iA/L, and CRX-25iA models, provides a diverse range of cobots with varying payload capacities. If you own a small or medium-sized business and have not yet explored automation possibilities, FANUC cobots offer precisely what you need. These cobots are not only quick to install and easy to use, but they also set a benchmark for reliability, ensuring sustainable productivity enhancement and unlocking new growth prospects for your business. Moreover, they guarantee a secure return on investment, making them a wise choice for long-term success.

    Franka Emika

    Germany's Franka Emika has developed a robotic system that can operate like a human arm in terms of maneuverability and sensitivity. Franka Emika's programming platform is a workflow-based software program that has been set up to be very user-friendly. Different actions can be arranged into a sequence after which you can teach the robot a complete task through demonstration and parameter adjustment. The cobots are equipped with torque sensors in all joints which makes the cobot extremely sensitive. In addition, the Franka has a payload of 3 kilograms and a range of 855 millimeters.

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