How do I support with innovations and automation?

During the automation of processes we notice how much resistance the implementation of a cobot can cause. Production employees see robotization as a threat and are afraid to be replaced by a mechanical employee. Under the name Smart Industry (or Industry 4.0) even the 'digital factory' is created, a factory where all processes are automated and where no more people are needed. This may be a utopia, but it is important to go along with these kinds of innovations. How do you supervise change and how do you ensure that employees follow it?

It starts with management.

The success of innovation starts with the managers. If managers themselves do not want to or cannot change, how should they ever take employees with them? So increase enthusiasm, stimulate, encourage, give confidence and listen to the employees. Set a good example!

Make space for innovation.

Economist John Keynes once said, 'the difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones'. In other words, if you are working on innovation, try not to stick too much to old rules and processes. For example, a small change in a production process could cause the entire production process to start with a different intention. This can cause a lot of resistance among employees because their daily routine is broken. Give employees time and space to get used to innovation and let them understand why the new path they have taken is the right one.

‘the difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones’


Communication is important when innovating. Employees may feel insecure about changes and may feel threatened. If you are going to start using robots as a company to support employees, they are probably afraid that they will lose their job. Communicate clearly to employees what the vision behind innovations is and reassure them.

Involve employees.

One way to create support for innovation is to involve employees in this. Imagine, a cobot is implemented in the production process. It would be nice if employees could come up with their own ideas to make the implementation a success. In this way you give employees confidence and the cobot does not become an imposed obligation, but something they can influence themselves.

Getting started!

Innovation is scary and involves risks. But with the current technological developments and especially the speed at which this is happening, companies cannot ignore it. WiredWorkers is specialized in innovating production companies and believes in the future of cobots. A simple, flexible way to support employees and increase productivity. In addition to implementing cobots, we also offer cobot training courses to familiarise employees with innovations such as robotics. You can learn to innovate, they might say, but make sure you do this with the right partners and expertise.

Robbin Mennings

Robbin Mennings

Cobot Specialist & CEO WiredWorkers 

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