What makes the Franka Production 3 so unique?

Quick to install, easy to program, sensitive, secure, compact and flexible. Features of the Franka Production 3. The most accessible, user-friendly cobot for everyone. Why is this cobot so unique and how can it help business?

One box delivery

We had already said that the Production 3 is easy and you immediately notice that with the delivery. The cobot comes in a single compact and lightweight box. That doesn't just mean it's easy to ship and quick to deliver. As soon as you have it indoors, you can get started with the installation right away!

Franka Emika Panda one-box-delivery
Franka_Emika FP3_Hero shot-min

Quick installation

Not only is it easy to install the Production 3, it can also be done super fast. The Production 3 is designed so that anyone can handle it and no complicated constructions need to be devised to assemble the cobot. A metal base, a few screws and a few hex keys, that's all you need.

Simple programming

The Production 3 is the first cobot with a user interface on the robot itself. Make the movements and actions the cobot should perform and save them in a computer program. Learn by demonstrating. Easy to use and simple.


Sensitive and safe

The Panda has built-in sensors that make the cobot 'sensitive'. One of the unique characteristics needed to work safely with people. As soon as the cobot is blocked, it stops immediately. It can therefore be stopped with one arm without using too much force. Of course, the usual safety measures have also been added, such as the emergency stop.


Besides the fact that the Production 3 does not weigh much (about 18 kg) it is also not too big. With a range of 85 centimetres, and a maximum height of 119 centimetres, the cobot can be used almost anywhere. Mount the robot on a moving workbench and it is easy to move.

franka production 3 programmable robot


The Production 3 can perform many different tasks. The 'hand' of the cobot is a sensitive gripper that, with a force of 70N and a width of 80 millimetres, can pick up almost anything up to a maximum of 3 kilograms. But of course there is no need to mount a gripper on the robot by definition. This could also be a screwdriver, you name it.

We develop apps and software which gives the cobot even more functionality and it becomes even easier for users to teach them activities. For example, you could have the Production 3 do the same thing every day, week after week, but it is also possible to place them somewhere else every day.

Robbin Mennings

Robbin Mennings

Cobot Specialist & CEO WiredWorkers 

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