Cobot feeding systems

Collaborative robots can perform numerous applications, as long as they have the right tooling. Cobots can work with a variety of tools, just as humans can. A feeding system offers objects to be processed to the robot.

Feeding systems for collaborative robots

Feeding systems are devices that offer objects and products to the robot in a structured way so that it can work with them. For example, a screw feeder that always puts screws in the same place, ready for the robot (and screw machine) to pick up the screws and assemble them into the final product. Another example is vibratory plates that ensure that accumulated (bulk) parts are separated from each other again, so that a robot can easily pick them up. This often also requires a vision camera to recognize the objects on the plate.

Asyril Asycube 240 Flexibel Feeding System for Collaborative Robots

Easy to integrate

Collaborative robots are characterized by ease of use and quick installation. They can be connected to the feeding systems quickly and easily. Thanks to user-friendly software, communication with the robot is also easy to set up.

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