OnRobot helps manufacturers maximize the many benefits of collaborative robots by developing End Of Arm Tooling.

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OnRobot's solutions help small and midsize manufacturers optimize their processes and grow their businesses with greater flexibility, higher output and better quality. Collaborative automation has leveled the playing field for small and mid-sized manufacturers, and as robots have become increasingly easy to buy and implement, tooling has become the crucial element in adapting for a wide range of applications. Regardless of robot brand, OnRobot offers unparalleled compatibility and versatility. It's everything manufacturers need from one supplier, making the investment in automation even more valuable.

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The OnRobot product offering includes a wide range of tools and software for collaborative applications, including electric, vacuum and magnetic grippers, the award-winning Gecko gripping technology, force/torque sensors, a 2.5D vision system, screwdriver, sanding kits and tool changers. Supported by the free Learn OnRobot e-learning platform, OnRobot makes it easy to employ collaborative automation for tasks such as packaging, quality control, material handling, machine operation, assembly and surface finishing, regardless of skill level or previous robotics experience.

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