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Collaborative robots can perform numerous applications, as long as they have the right tooling. Cobots can work with a variety of tools, just as humans can. Thanks to user-friendly software, it is relatively easy to teach a cobot new tasks.

Software for collaborative robots

A variety of software is available for programming and designing a collaborative robot application. Each cobot has its own intuitive, user-friendly programming software that allows the robot to learn new tasks easily and quickly. In addition, simulator software is available that can be used to design a solid robot integration before proceeding to the realization of the project.

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Traditional robots require a lot of knowledge and time to program actions and can only perform a few actions. Unlike traditional robots currently used in industry, a cobot is easy to program. Through user-friendly software and mobile applications, cobots can learn new actions. You can also manually move a cobot into desired positions and store them in the software. Because a cobot is so easy to program, they can be quickly implemented into a process and it is even possible to have them perform different tasks.


RoboDK is a powerful and cost-effective robot simulator. The software package consists of an extensive library of more than 500 robot arms and is very user-friendly. No programming knowledge is required and the robot simulation is quickly and easily programmed.

RoboDK | software for collaborative robot automation

RoboDK uses offline programming, this means that it is possible to program the robots outside the production environment. The software can be used for many production projects, including machine tending, welding, pick-and-place, packaging and palletizing.

Easy to integrate

Collaborative robots are characterized by ease of use and quick installation. They can be connected and connected quickly and easily. Thanks to user-friendly software, communication with the robot is also easy to set up.

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