Franka Emika launches new 'Franka Production 3'

Germany’s Franka Emika launched their new robot, the Franka Production 3 (FP3), during Hannover Messe on Monday, May 30. This cloud-based and AI-enabled robot is designed to automate processes quickly and easily, without the need for robotics expertise or programming knowledge.

Robot with tactile properties

Through fast and precise sensor feedback, the FP3 has exceptional tactile capabilities such as human-arm-like dexterity and touch. “Thanks to the in-house developed torque sensors in all seven axes and the decentralized control in Franka’s own electronics, the FP3 has tactile properties comparable to the dexterity of a human arm. This makes it the most sensitive lightweight robot on the market to date,” said Dr. Patrick Pfaff, Chief Technology Officer of Franka Emika. In the coming days, the FP3 will be officially certified in accordance with ISO standards 10218-1 and 13849-1 with safety features in Performance Level D (PLd) and Category 3. Thanks to these features, the FP3 meets the highest standards worldwide and is suitable for industrial tasks.

App-based programming

The FP3 comes with a wide range of basic apps from the FRANKA World App Store that can be selected plug-and-use and assembled into an app workflow. Additional apps are available through the FRANKA World App Store. Here developers can make their own robotics apps available and sell them worldwide. The selection of available apps is constantly growing in conjunction with available ecosystem components and services. The apps and platform incorporate the robotics and AI expertise of the developers, while the user can benefit from them in a plug-and-play manner. This allows users to quickly become productive without lengthy training, while also remaining flexible to changing production requirements.

“Global productivity increase”

The FP3 should help boost the production level of the manufacturing industry. “To maintain competitiveness and technological leadership for our key industries, especially SMEs, we need to create momentum within and outside Germany with innovative products. Our FRANKA Production 3 is a real leap forward for game-changing, global productivity growth, as it revolutionizes industrial production through its versatile, simple, productivity-enhancing functionality. This not only improves competitiveness. It also ensures local production, local employment and catches the shortage of skilled labor.” said Dr. Alwin Mahler, Chief Executive Officer of Franka Emika.

Franka Emika also announced it will introduce their new research robot, the Franka Research 3, in July 2022.

About Franka Emika

Franka Emika is a Munich-based robotics company founded in 2016 by Sami Haddadin and his brother Simon, along with a long-standing team of pioneering robotics experts. Franka Emika is a pioneer in robotics with a human touch and a unique dexterity similar to the human arm. The company produces its robots in Germany and offers unique intelligent software that is easy to use thanks to its intuitive robot app framework. The FRANKA World online platform connects customers, partners, developers and robots. It provides centralized management and remote control of Franka Emika robots, as well as access to a growing ecosystem of accredited software and hardware.

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