Franka Emika launches digital robotics platform for cobots, Franka World

Franka Emika launches digital robotics platform for cobots, Franka World

Franka Emika wants to push the boundaries of Industry 4.0.

At the beginning of April, Franka Emika launched a new platform, Franka World. A digital robotics platform that enables interaction between researchers, partners, customers, developers, suppliers and robots. The integrated access makes products and services easy and accessible. In addition, different robots, regardless of their physical location, can be connected to each other in a network in order to exchange information with each other.

The online community allows partner companies and developers to share their expertise in the field of collaborative robots. New applications for the Panda can be offered here, as well as integrated hardware such as end-effectors and image processing systems. On the day of its introduction, more than a hundred robot apps were already available in the Franka World shop. This number is expected to increase significantly in the coming year.

This year we hope to offer our own apps on the platform. The arrival of Franka World is a new chapter in the world of collaborative robotics. It gives us the opportunity to collaborate worldwide on improving the Panda. We are confident that the development of this robot is accelerating so that we can offer more and more automation solutions.

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