OnRobot is a global company with a branch in Denmark, in the robot cluster capital Odense.

The company was founded in 2015 by Bilge J. Christiansen. Onrobot now has a distribution network of more than 100 distributors in more than 40 countries.

OnRobot helps manufacturers get the most out of the many advantages of collaborative robots, by means of end of arm tools. Think of the user-friendliness of the robots and the safety in collaboration with the employees.

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The OnRobot range consists of the very latest, easy to implement gripper and sensor systems. One of the grippers is the OnRobot RG2 gripper, a flexible gripper that has a built-in OnRobot Quick Changer, this tool charger ensures that tools can be changed quickly and easily.

The OnRobot range also includes the IEARA Award winning Gecko Gripper. The gripper uses technology developed by NASA. This development has created new possibilities within the collaborative robot applications such as the processing of printed circuit boards, metal and glass plates.

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