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WiredWorkers helps you produce faster, smarter, more efficiently and cost-effectively by automating boring, monotonous or dangerous tasks with collaborative robots.


What are collaborative robots?

To optimize your production process, we use collaborative robots (cobots). Cobots are the latest technology in robotics and have drastically changed the world of automation.

What is a cobot? | Wat is een cobot? | Techman Robot TM5-900

Plug & Produce Solutions

Automate standardized applications at lightning speed with our in-house developed Plug & Produce solutions.

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Our goal is to optimize production processes by making optimal use of the qualities of employees. By automating boring, monotonous, or dangerous processes, production employees are given more room for creativity, solution-oriented thinking and initiative.


Our quality principles...

  • Integration from start to finish
  • Multidisciplinary team
  • Brand independent
  • Transparent working procedure
  • Closely involved
Universal Robots UR5 cobot specialist

They benefit from efficient production

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