MiR 200

Like MiR100, MiR200 is a safe, cost-effective automated guided vehicle (AMR) that can automate transport and logistics processes. By optimising workflows and freeing up staff, productivity is increased and costs are reduced.

  • Increases productivity
  • Employees can do other work
  • Automatically avoids people and obstacles
  • Existing facility does not require modification
  • Different applications possible
  • Easy to program

This new generation of robots is changing the way in which companies can move materials and goods within their company. The robots have built-in technology that allows the AMR to identify its environment and thus avoid people or objects that stand in its way. This allows tasks such as pushing carts or making deliveries to be fully automated. This allows employees to focus on other tasks.

MiR200 can transport up to 200 kg autonomously and can be used for various applications. Tailor-made bins, racks, elevators, conveyor belts or robot arms can be added to the robot. These modules can be replaced, making the robot multi-purpose.

Load Capacity





Load surface

Towing capacity

Running time


Maximum speed


Turning radius

Positioning accuracy


Traversable gap and sill tolecrance

  • MiR 200 Datasheet (mir200-datasheet.pdf)