MiR 500

A fully automated internal transport system made possible thanks to an autonomous mobile robot (AMR). MiR 500 makes it possible. A powerful, robust AVG with a load capacity of 500 kg and a floor area of 1350×920 that operates completely autonomously.

  • Automated material handling process
  • Safe alternative to forklift trucks and pallet trucks
  • Flexible thanks to different applications
  • No changes to existing facility
  • User-friendly programming

Thanks to advanced technology, MiR 500 can avoid obstacles and activate emergency braking as soon as a person approaches. The AVG is equipped with 360-degree laser scanning technology that gives the robot full visibility. The cameras and scanners have a range of 30 mm to 2,000 mm above ground to detect pallets and obstacles. Thanks to the intelligent software, the robot is always able to find the most efficient way despite obstacles or diversions.

The addition of a MiR 500 Pallet Lift gives the robot the ability to pick up, transport and dispose of pallets independently from so-called pallet racks. This makes it possible to replace forklift trucks and pallet trucks and gives employees time for other tasks within the organisation.

The robot’s workspace does not need to be changed and no additional safety measures need to be added. The advanced navigation software ensures that the robot knows exactly where it should be and where it can and cannot drive. The facility in which the robot operates is uploaded to the robot’s software and a fast, cost-efficient implementation is installed relatively quickly.

Designed for industrial use, MiR500 is made of robust material that is protected from falling loads. In addition, it is able to work on slopes and can even navigate through shallow ponds.

The MiR 500 is controlled by the intelligent software system MiR Robot Interface and can be controlled from smartphone, tablet or PC. The programming of the robots is simple, user-friendly and applicable for everyone without any experience. In addition to a Pallet Lift, MiR 500 can also be equipped with pallet forks, conveyor belts, collaborative robot and other options.

Load Capacity


Load surface




Maximum speed

  • MiR 500 Datasheet (MiR500-Datasheet.pdf)