Universal Robots unveils the new UR20

At Automatica 2022 in Munich, Universal Robots unveiled their newest cobot, the UR20. The fastest and strongest robot ever from the Danish company. It is the first robot in a new series that has been redesigned from the ground up and will be the successor to the e-series. It is expected to be available for order from Q4 2022 and deliverable from Q2 2023.

Increased range and payload

The UR20 has a load capacity of 20 kg, a reach of 1750 mm, a repeatability of about 0.05 mm and is 30% faster than all its predecessors. According to Universal Robots, it is perfect for machine loading, machine driving, palletizing and welding.

A new hinge design is the reason the new UR20 is so much faster than its predecessors. For example, the maximum speed of the base and shoulder is 120°/s, the elbow 150°/s and the three wrist joints 210°/s. In comparison, the shoulder and base of the UR16e went up to 120°/s and the wrist joints up to 180°/s.

Like the e-Series, the UR20 will be certified to both EN ISO 13849-1, Cat. 3 PLd and ISO 10218-1. Also like the e-Series, the UR20 will pass 17 customizable safety functions, including a brake time limitation and brake distance limitation.


Suitable for a wider audience

Universal Robots developed the new product after requests from customers. More and more users of cobots were interested in a longer reach and load capacity. Thanks to its new specifications, it can accommodate standard Europallets measuring 120 by 80 and a height of up to two meters.

In addition, the robotic arm includes motion-control algorithms and vibration suppression to enable smooth movement between set points. It operates, like the e-Series, with the 3PE teach pendant, the existing PolyScope programming software and a standard 110-220 VAC power outlet.

Universal Robots aims to redefine automation and bring the innovations incorporated in the UR20 to a new family of cobots. In doing so, the UR20 heralded the beginning of a new series of innovative next-generation cobots that will complement the company’s highly successful e-series. More information on this is expected by the end of this year.

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