WiredWorkers launches Franka Emika Panda Virtual Reality showroom

We at Wiredworkers launch a unique opportunity for anyone interested in collaborative robots, a Virtual Reality showroom. This showroom offers its visitors an online experience in the world of cobots. The first room launched today is dedicated to the collaborative robot Franka Emika Panda. Visitors can access the VR room via the WiredWorkers website. Once in the room, they will see the Franka Emika Panda in action. The Panda executes various applications.

VR showroom accessible from anywhere

The aim of the VR showroom is to provide visitors with an enlightening image of collaborative robots, from home or office. The visitors no longer have to visit our location in Doetinchem, but can discover more about this cobot in an accessible way. In addition to the online showroom, users can also view the showroom with VR glasses, which makes the experience even more realistic.

The VR showroom gives the visitors freedom, they decide for themselves which application is relevant for them and what they focus on. The Franka Emika Panda room is accessible to everyone.

Expectations VR showroom

The Techman Robot is expected to follow in October 2020 and the Universal Robots showroom will be launched in November 2020. Sign up to stay informed about this launch.

Visit the Franka Emika VR room.

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