Cobots in the food industry

The need for automation within the food industry has increased in recent years. Increasing demand, stricter food safety and worker safety have made automation increasingly important. The food industry faces more complex conditions than other industries because it is difficult for robots to handle food products directly.


Collaborative robots in the food industry

Until recently, the food industry has always been able to benefit slightly from robotization. This is because it is difficult for robots to handle food items carefully. But the cobot is developing further and further so that more and more new applications, solutions and possibilities are opening up for the food industry. The arrival of new gripper technology in combination with vision technology has caused a turnaround.

cobots in the food industry

Avantages of cobots in the food industry

In the food industry, cobots present a valuable advantage by complementing human labor and increasing productivity and efficiency in production processes. Cobots can accelerate food processing and packaging operations, leading to increased output while maintaining product quality and consistency. Additionally, cobots can help improve food safety by taking over repetitive and potentially dangerous tasks, reducing the risk of injury and contamination in the production line. Overall, cobots play a significant role in enhancing the speed, safety, and quality of food production in the industry.

Cobot applications for the food industry

  • Palletizing

    Palletizing can be simpler, faster and more efficiently with a cobot. By automating palletizing of your products, you lighten the work of your employees.

  • Pick-and-place

    Pick-and-place means little more than picking up and moving a product. Perfect for picking up products or small boxes and putting them in boxes.

  • Logistical automation

    Also referred to as 'Smart Warehousing'. Implementing Automated Guided Vehicles and Autonomous Mobile Robots to move materials or goods from A to B within a warehouse or production hall.

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