Palletizing with a cobot

Palletizing (stacking boxes on pallets) can be done more efficiently with collaborative robots. Boxes are picked up with electric vacuum grippers and placed on pallets. New technologies eliminate the need for an external air supply and hoses, which facilitates integration, reduces costs, and reduces noise and nuisance.


Palletizing with a collaborative robot

Palletizing is the placing of products or boxes on a pallet that is being prepared for shipping or storage. This task can be perfectly automated using a cobot. The cobot can stack the products in a desired pattern, maximizing the amount of cargo and reducing the chance of toppling over. Today, many pallets are still stacked manually. A simple, tedious task, which can lead to physical complaints if there is a lot of weight. A cobot, provided the goods are delivered constantly, can keep stacking endlessly. When production continues 24 hours a day, robots can reduce the cycle time of a stacked pallet.

palletiseren met een cobot

Cobot palletizing benefits

  • Saving of costs

    You will save on personnel costs

  • Increasing productivity

    Staff can do other work

  • Utilize full capacity

    Get more out of your employees

  • Prevent disorders

    Prevent disorders among employees

  • No loss of concentration

    Robots will never lose concentration

  • Constant quality of output

    Robots deliver consitent quality

UR16e | universal robot | cobot

Specially designed solution

The TM Palletizing operator is a complete plug-and-play palletizing robot designed specifically for automating palletizing. This solution comes with a built-in guidance software that allows operators to quickly set up the stacking of packages and boxes on pallets. In addition, it is possible to perform simulations and collision tests with the software. A true plug-and-play solution that shortens the set-up of this automation task from several months to just a few hours. The TM Palletizing operator is suitable for many industries, from warehouses and logistics to food processing and manufacturing.

The TM Palletizing robot can stack up to 7 boxes per minute with a maximum stack height of 1900 mm and includes 17 certified PL=d cell level safety features.


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Cobot palletizing video

Check out the video below in which a TM Palletizing Operator solution is demonstrated.

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