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Signify is the world leader in lighting for professionals, consumers and lighting for the Internet of Things. Their energy-efficient lighting products, systems and services enable customers to enjoy superior light quality and make people's lives safer and more comfortable, businesses more productive and cities more liveable. For the Winterswijk (NL) site, we developed an automation system for the assembly of the light engines.


Previous situation: manual assembly

The light engine is an LED luminaire that is mounted in ceilings in office buildings, for example. The product consists of five components that are assembled into a light engine, namely a housing, LED board, mixing cups, diffusers and a main reflector. In the old situation, this process was done manually by Signify employees.

Signify light engine

New situation: completely automated assembly

In the new situation, the Light Engines are assembled with a Techman Robot cobot system. This machine does 130 pieces in 1 hour. The cobot is fed from various buffers that maintain a stock of at least 1 hour of autonomous operation. These buffers are refilled with components by an operator 1 time per hour. When the cobot has assembled the various components into a complete end product, this product is transported to a storage location. The system includes a fully vacuum integrated product specific designed gripper, that was printed using the dddrop industrial 3d printers. Take a look at the video below.

Yield: higher production capacity

The use of a collaborative robot on the assembly line of the light engine has produced good results. The productivity of the assembly line has increased. The workers who used to assemble the light housings manually can now spend their time on other tasks, such as quality control. All they have to do is make sure that the cobot receives the parts once an hour.

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