Bin picking with a cobot

Bin picking is comparable to pick-and-place, only here the objects are not delivered in a standardized way. Thanks to smart software and vision technology, the cobot recognizes objects in a bin and picks them up one by one. Useful for supplying a conveyor belt, for example.


Bin picking with a collaborative robot

Bin picking is a pick-and-place application with vision technology. Two of the most advanced modern automation technologies meet here; robots and computer vision. This creates new automation opportunities. Thanks to 3D vision, robots are able to recognize and pick up products in a bin. This means that parts and products no longer need to be presented to the robot in a standardized way. The robot distinguishes products and thus picks them up one by one. Bin picking changes the way we look at a robot's capabilities. Previously, the supply and repeatability of a task was very important. Whereas a cobot first had to receive a standardized supply of products from a conveyor belt, the robot can now load this conveyor belt itself after the products have been delivered in bulk.

bin picking with a cobot

Cobot bin picking video

Watch the video below in which a cobot performs a bin picking application using vision.

Cobot bin picking benefits

  • Saving of costs

    You will save on personnel costs

  • Increasing productivity

    Staff can do other work

  • Utilize full capacity

    Get more out of your employees

  • Prevent disorders

    Prevent disorders among employees

  • No loss of concentration

    Robots will never lose concentration

  • Constant quality of output

    Robots deliver consitent quality

UR16e | universal robot | cobot

Vision increases the opportunities

Thanks to vision, smart software, machine learning and artificial intelligence, the possibilities of bin picking become much greater. Software is becoming more sophisticated, making it possible to recognize colors, shapes and sizes as well. It is therefore possible to offer the robot a bin of objects, which can then be sorted by characteristic. Cobots are characterized by their user-friendliness, so a bin picking application is set up in no time.

bin picking with a cobot

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