Cobot tool changers

Collaborative robots can perform numerous applications, as long as they have the right tooling. Cobots can work with a variety of tools, just as humans can. With automatic tool changers, cobots can use multiple tools and swap them completely autonomously.

Tool changers for collaborative robots

Cobots are so flexible because they can use different tools and change them quickly and easily. Thanks to automatic tool changers, also known as tool changers, cobots have become even more flexible. These tool changers allow a cobot to use multiple tools within a line or application. For example, in an assembly application, the cobot would first put all the parts in the right place and then attach them with a screwdriver. The cobot not only becomes more flexible, but also more productive and has a faster payback.

TripleA Robotics | automatic tool changers for cobots

TripleA Robotics

WiredWorkers uses TripleA Robotics' automatic tool changers. These work with a special pass-through module, providing the perfect cable routing and easy connection between the tool and the cobot. The locking mechanism is mechanically designed and does not rely on compressed air. This is in contrast to traditional automatic tool changers.

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