Welding with a cobot

Welding is a task that must be performed with the utmost precision. Cobots are more precise than humans and will therefore deliver more consistent quality. Cobots can weld in a variety of applications. Think Mig/Mag, Tig, spot welding, arc welding, ultrasonic welding and plasma welding.


Welding with a collaborative robot

For welding products, you can use a collaborative robot to automate a welding application quickly and easily. By connecting a welding torch to the robot and then having it move along the desired path, accurately laid welds are created. The cobot always moves at the desired speed and is accurate to within 0.1mm. In this way the cobot ensures consistent, high quality end products. Compared to a standard robot cell, the cobot offers a number of advantages. It is not as expensive to purchase, quick to install and with basic training, programming can be learned quickly. Even without programming experience. In addition, it can be quickly converted to a new welding task, which is ideal for series production in small numbers.

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Welding cobot video

Watch the video below of the welding robot we installed at Signify.

Cobot welding benefits

  • Saving of costs

    You will save on personnel costs

  • Increasing productivity

    Staff can do other work

  • Utilize full capacity

    Get more out of your employees

  • Prevent disorders

    Prevent disorders among employees

  • No loss of concentration

    Robots will never lose concentration

  • Constant quality of output

    Robots deliver consitent quality

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Complete the workforce

Welding is a task that must be performed with the utmost precision. Tasks that can be boring for your employees, or of varying quality due to loss of concentration. By letting a cobot take over these tasks, you are not only assured of the same consistent quality, it even increases productivity. Employees have their hands free to perform other tasks, such as doing the preliminary work so that the cobot delivers the right weld, or quality control afterwards. In addition, there is a desperate shortage of qualified welding personnel. Cobots can help address this shortage so that companies can remain competitive in a tight labor market.

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Other applications

UR Soldering


quality testing and inspection with a cobot

Quality testing and inspection

pick and place with a cobot

Pick and place