Cobot grippers

Collaborative robots can perform numerous applications, as long as they have the right tooling. Cobots can work with a variety of tools, just as humans can. The tooling that cobots use most often are grippers.

Grippers for collaborative robots

A gripper allows a cobot to pick up objects and put them back down somewhere else. There are many different types of grippers that are suitable for a variety of tasks. These include finger grippers, vacuum grippers and magnetic grippers. Each gripper is suitable for different tasks. For example, soft grippers are suitable for foods that are fragile and should not be broken, and vacuum grippers can be used to pick up boxes. Each gripper has its own specifications such as payload, gripping width and gripping force.


Different types of cobot grippers

There are different types of grippers that are suitable for different materials. To find out which gripper is most suitable, it is good to know the material and the weight of the objects that need to be picked up.

OnRobot RG6 Gripper

Electric grippers

Electric grippers are suitable for more complex tasks because they can be better regulated on various parameters. Think about grip force or finger positions.

Pneumatic Grippers

Pneumatic grippers are suitable for less complex tasks and are operated with compressed air. They are often somewhat easier to use, cheaper to buy, have a high gripping force and are lighter than other grippers.

Finger grippers

When precision is required, two- or three-finger grippers are a good solution. The grippers can adapt to the shape of the object, thereby picking them up and holding them firmly.

Easy to integrate

Grippers are easy to integrate with cobots. They can be connected quickly and easily. Thanks to user-friendly software, communication with the robot is also easy to set up.


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